Miriam Rayment:  User-Age Arts Manager & Audience Engineer

Miriam Rayment started running meetup groups as a way to find people to explore Melbourne with.  

"There are so many great places to go in Melbourne, if you only have people to go with! "

Many people, it seems, share this sentiment!  Our meetup groups became so large that we eventually found that it was more practical to hire a venue or function space and have the entertainment come to us!   With an eager audience, anything is possible! We now produce a wide range of social and arts events tailored to suit our audience and are working to expand our audience by moving onto other social media and user-driven platforms. 

Into the User-Driven Age


Wild Renegade is an audience engineering company. Audience engineering is part of user-age commerce and involves using social media, such as Meetup.com and Facebook, to cultivate audience communities made up of active, returning users, rather than once-off consumers. Our events are audience-driven and audience funded. Our audience directs our efforts through their in-putted ideas, requests, and feedback. As a user-age arts manager, Miriam represents her audience when collaborating on events with performers and artists. It is her job to reconcile the needs and motivations of the audience with those of the artist to create fun, original socially, artistically, and culturally enriching experiences that benefit everyone involved.

Wild Renegade views arts events as social gatherings, and understand that: a) the number one reason people don’t attend arts events is that they have no one to go with, and b) people are most likely to be willing to explore new forms of art and entertainment when invited by a friend or social group as part of a social occasion. We generate audiences by crafting events that present intriguing art and entertainment in formats specifically designed to help people connect with each other as well as with the art. We embody and encourage a friendly, open-hearted, non-judgemental, non-ageist, non-genderist culture . This attitude is taken on and embodied by our assistant organisers and regular members (A.K.A. “Super-Users”) who, in turn, pass it on to each new member as they arrive. People generally join the group because one specific thing on our calendar sparks their interest, but return because of the people they meet there.



Art is either imitation or revolution. Wild Renegade works with, and supports the efforts of emerging and mid-career artists who are creating art that is new, experimental, avent garde, unusual or “bohemian”. We also invent new formats and structures in which to present more traditional forms of art so as to to refresh interest in, and create new perspectives on art that our audience members have previously dismissed as “not their thing”.


Our most popular social event is the Slow Friending Dinner Game. These events consist of three to five courses. Participants are sat in a different group of four for each course and given an unusual, probing, or controversial question or a scenario to discuss. For example: “When was the last time you got really angry? What made you angry? What are you like when you are angry? Do you feel your anger was justified or do you regret ‘losing it’ on this occasion?” These questions help move people past banal, superficial conversation so that they come to a deeper understanding of each other and make real, lasting connections. We vary the format of this event. Sometimes the questions are accompanied by poetry performance or other artistic presentation, turning the event into an “arts degustation”. Sometimes we rotate people between various different venues along a main strip, turning the event into a progressive dinner.

Our most popular arts event for 2015 year was “Voce Incantata”, an opera masquerade ball. This event presented a three-part operatic performance by an ensemble of three professional singers.  The sets were broken up by waltzing, eating, drinking, and mingling. It was successful because it introduced an unfamiliar art form in a fun, familiar, and popular format.  

Another popular event was “Viridis Intimis”, a multi-form art soiree held at the Brunswick Street Gallery which examined the relationship between humans and the natural world through various art forms. The event featured two visual artists, a body artist, percussion musicians, and an audience art project. The audience art project invited participants into a private space where they went behind a silhouette screen, stripped down to their underwear, and chose from a range of foliage, tails, ears and claws to create interesting poses that were photographed by a professional photographer. The piece brought together raw human shape with shapes from nature. The pieces were shown at the end of the evening with much excitement. This event was highly successful because it allowed people to be part of the art and make a personal connection with the subject matter.


Miriam completed a Bachelor of Arts at Flinders University with a major in English, and a minor in Drama/Threatre Studies. She then went on to complete an Honours in English Literature and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) at Monash University to become an English and Drama teacher.  Miriam also has an interest in information technology and has worked in and studied multimedia and web development.  Miriam's current success in establishing Wild Renegade Entertainment lead her to take a keen interest in arts management and she is currently doing a Master of Arts Management at RMIT. 

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