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MELBOURNE MAYHEM! : City Scavenger Hunt...Wild Things Style!

New challenges!  New and favorite venues!!  THE RACE IS ON! Join a team and head out on a wild scavenger hunt adventure! Make new friends and discover the strange and quirky corners of Melbourne city. Each team takes a different route. Each stop along the way comes with a Green, Yellow or Red challenge for your team to choose from. Which team will be the wildest and clock up the most points before reaching the final destination?? Who will win the prize?!

PLEASE BE ON TIME!  If you arrive later than 7:00pm, you will miss out!


$6 from every ticket goes into the prize pool!  The more tickets we sell, the bigger the prize!!



First: join the Facebook event so you can post your challenge pics and get group updates as you go

1) At 6:30pm, everyone meets up at FAD Gallery and is divided into teams. Join the event on Facebook so you can check in and post photos as you go from your phone (or from a team member's phone!)

2) At 7:10pm, each team is sent off to a different starting venue.

3) Each team is given the same list of stop-off venues. You and your team must journey from your start location to the final destination, stopping at as many of the listed venues along the way as possible - within the given time! You have until 7:30pm to get to your starting location and discuss your strategy. At 7:30pm, the race begins!

4) Each venue comes with a Green, Yellow and Red challenge. You and your team must choose a challenge to complete at each venue. A Green challenge gets you 1 point, a yellow challenge gets you 3 points, and a Red challenge gets you 5 points. You must take photos to prove you have completed each challenge.

5) Everyone must be back at FAD Gallery at 10:30pm! If you are more than 5 minutes late, you loose one point for every five minutes you are late.


This time, we will be including "Time and Place" challenges.  Be at a the specified venue at the appointed time and compete in group challenges against other teams!