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THE SPICE OF LIFE: Progressive Slow Friending Game

How often do we come to conclusions about people based on superficial basics such as age, appearance and profession?  THE SPICE OF LIFE dinner game is aimed at helping us move passed preconceived ideas about each other by challenging us to reveal strange, unusual, or unexpected secrets with each other. Come on a singles friendingfoodie adventure down Melbourne's famous Hardware Lane.  Explore a variety of strange and wonderful bars/ restaurants and make friends with a colorful and varied group of friendly single bohemians.  All ages,  all backgrounds....variety is the spice of life!  

START VENUE:  17 Warburton Ln, Melbourne

Everyone meets at Murmur at 7pm

When you arrive, you will form a group of two or three.  Each group is given a dinner schedule that will take you to one venue for entree, another for main, and a third for dessert.  

Each course comes with a different set of dinner partnersand a question that asks you to reveal a secret or unusual fact about yourself.  What is said at the dinner table STAYS AT THE DINNER TABLE.  

Meet back at Murmur Bar after dinner for a drink and an opportunity to meet with the people you didn't meet during dinner.  

TICKETS:  $55 - but you get $45 back in cash when you arrive to spend on food and drinks.  Why do we do this?  1) To minimize no-shows.   2) So that everyone has cash to make it easier to split bills.