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Immortal Beloved,  You are cordially invited, by order of her Royal Highness, The Vampire Queen Aurelia, to attend the 2017 Grand High Vampire Ball.  The Queen has commanded spectacular entertainments for our pleasure!  Adorn yourself in your grandest darksome finery, and prepare yourself for a most elegant evening of BEAUTY and TERROR!!

**THIS IS A RED EVENT** May contain nudity and horror theme.

VENUE:  Crystal Room, at the Moser Room, 386 Chapel St, South Yarra

This includes: - Cocktail on arrival or two standard drinks
- Finger food
- Entry (space hire)
- Spectacular Live Entertainment! 


All tickets must be pre-purchesed online. 


There will be no graveyard dwelling riff-raff here!  We are all high class ladies and gentleman vampires.  Dress is formal Gothic or elegant fetish ware.  Go all out!  Ball gowns, capes, head pieces, jewels, lace, satin, velvet, leather.... As this is a Red Event, lingerie and partial nudity are allowed. Mortals are strictly forbidden for their own safety. ( By that I mean... COSTUME ESSENTIAL!  NO DENIM!)


Bells will be run through the evening to announce that a performance is about to begin.  When you hear the bells, you must respond by ringing your own bell toindicate that you are ready for the show. 


The evening will be MCed by the Vampire Queen Aurelia Regala, Empress of Transylvania, Mother of Bats, andSupreme Ruler of the Underworld.  

Queen Aurelia commands a spectacular line up of theatrical opera, ballet, and instrumental performances by the Royal Transylvanian Opera and Ballet Guild, lead by the magnificent Isabel Hertaeg.  Performances will be presented by her Royal Highness at intervals through the evening. 

Yes!  There will be dancing. 


Isabel Hertaeg:  Director, Soprano
Merrin Torpy:  Mezzo Soprano
Elise May:  Ballerina
Daniel Brace: Organist, Pianist
David Splatt:  Musical Saw
Laydee Bombay:  The Vampire Queen

Isabel Hertaeg  Internationally esteemed operatic soprano, Isabel Hertaeg has performed on cliff edges, on silos, in quarries and on mountains. Her work has been described as ‘Out of this world’, ‘The Rarest of things’, ‘Delightful’ and ‘Musical Genius’. Scot’s Gay Magazine dubbed her the ‘Best Voice of the Edinburgh Festival’. Isabel has worked in theatre, opera, independent film, community radio and television. She is also a freelance writer, published in New Matilda

Merrin Torpy is a mezzo-soprano with a penchant for macabre and bloodthirsty songs. She studies the art of singing with Carrie Barr. Mellifluous notes can be heard floating through the Speech Pathology faculty of the University of Melbourne, where Merrin is a master’s student. Each Sunday, she sings at St James’ Old Cathedral in West Melbourne, ever avoiding the holy water...She is also known to squeeze the accordion and wail with the Tequila Mockingbirds.

Elise May:  Elise May, trained in classical ballet from a young age. With a definite love for ballet but the desire to explore different pathways and to branch out her skills and experience, Elise furthered her dance training with a Diploma of Performing Arts at Dance World Studios graduating in 2009. Enjoying discovering different genres of dance, over the years Elise May has gained valuable experience performing in many styles including Contemporary, Burlesque and Bollywood. Elise slipped back into the ballet world in 2013 with an apprenticeship at Melbourne Ballet Company and is currently a Senior Artist and Soloist with Victorian State Ballet.

Daniel Brace:  Pipe Organist, Pianist, Harpist and Arts Entrepreneur, Daniel Brace is a treasured member of the Australian Arts Community. Daniel uses the organ and keyboard as an experienced accompanist to creating supporting soundscapes to support performance, art and ritual. 

David Splatt:  From astonishing musical saw playing to masterful marionette manipulation, David Splatt breathes new life into the abandoned halls of vaudeville and artfully invites his audience along for the ride.  Melbourne based mime/puppeteer, Splatt is known far and wide for his whimsical style of silent clowning and unique vaudevillian shenanigans. Having captivated audiences around the globe for over a decade, this charming vagabond has studied under and performed alongside some of the world's leading practitioners in the fields of Mime, Clown and Puppetry.

Laydee Bombay:  Laydee Bombay is a Melbourne-based burlesque performer and chameleon of characters, Laydee will take you on a journey of saucy fun!   With a love for all genres of Burlesque, Laydee Bombay is most drawn to the style of Neo burlesque and its use of storytelling and parody.