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COCKTAILS and...DESTINY!!! A Sparkly, Mysterious Game & Cocktail Party

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another game of....Cocktails and....DESTINY!!!  Please welcome our glamorous musical game show host, Sharnema Nougar!  **Insert cheesy theme song here**  Mingle and shmooze to hunt down the three people who hold your destiny cards, then have your cards interpreted by one of our tarot readers to catch a glimpse into your future! 

VENUE:  Hares and Hyenas, Johnston St, Fitzroy


$50 (Tickets must be pre-purchased online - no tickets available at the door)

This includes: 

- Canapes and finger food
- Entry into the Destiny Game
- Short tarot interpretation with a trained tarot reader.



Colorful, cheesy, casual.  Throw on the silliest thing you happen to have hanging around in your wardrobe and add a bit of $2 plastic flare!  A sparkly hat, a cheesy novelty tie, fluffy bunny ears, a sprinkle of body glitter...


The game is presented by our sparkling musical game show host,  Sharnema Nougar who will open the show with a bang and lead us through the game.

1) Think of a question you would like to ask the tarot cards and write it down on your game-play form

2) Draw 3 names out of the hat.  On your game-play form, write one name in the PAST, one in the PRESENT spot, and one in the FUTURE spot. 

3) Your task is to find the people who's names you've pulled out of the hat.

4)  When you find someone who's name you have pulled out of the hat, choose one of their tarot cards and write the name of the card in the designated spot on your game-play form.   (THEN GIVE THE PERSON BACK THEIR TAROT CARD - YOU DON'T KEEP IT!)

4) When you have found all your people and written down the names of your 3  tarot cards, sign up with one of our tarot readers for your personal tarot interpretation.  

ABOUT OUR HOST: Sharnema Nougar

Sharnema Nougar is a rare delicacy. Captivating audiences across EU, UK & Australia with mesmerizing vocals & ball-breaking comedy, the capricious diva is a must to witness, a thrill to experience and a woman of strange taste. Chanteuse. Clown. Expert of MC atmospherics and bbq tong handling.  Inspiration Award Winner - Prague Fringe, 2014 "Dumounding, incredibly clever and hilarious" - The West Australian, 2016 "Nougar is the new cougar" - Urban Dictionary, 2015