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"ON THE NIGHT OF THE MURDER..." : Social Parlour Game & Cocktail Party

Mingle, exchange clues, and uncover new pieces of the wild night that went down on the night of the murder.  Dress up as one of our expanded list of Cludeo characters, and join in this new social parlor game version of Cluedo.

VENUE:  La Spaghetteria Restaurante, 132 Lygon St, Carlton


There are 11 characters, 11 rooms, and 11 weapons.  Each of these is represented by 2 item cards

On arrival, each guest gets:

- One or two item cards

- A Detective Form listing all the item cards.

There is one character, one room, and one weapon missing from the deck.  Guests must exchange clues by secretly revealing their item cards to each other. Check off each item card as they are revealed to you until you discover, by deduction, which item cards are missing from the deck. 

You may only show other guests your own item cards.  You must only tick off items from your Detective Form if you have, personally, seen the card.  Do not take other guest's word for it, they may be lying! 

When you think you have uncovered the mystery, you will hand in your Detective Form and we will time stamp it. 

The person with the earliest time stamp and the correct answer to the mystery wins the game. 



-Entry into the game


(All tickets must be pre-purchased online. No tickets at the door)


Dress up as one of the following characters:

1)  Miss Scarlet:  A famous burlesque performer and all-round starlet. 

2)  Professor Plum:  A genius academic, obsessed with Jules Verne, time travel, and all things steam punk.

3) Reverend Green.  "Reverend Green" is in fact not a reverend, this is simply the name/character he uses at the fetish club that he owns and runs. 

4)  Mrs White:  The cook.  She is a terrible cook and is really quite absent minded. She is so well loved by everyone, however, that she somehow manages to keep her job. She is sweet, dainty, full of affection, and likes to dress in a traditional French maid outfit whenever possible. 

5) Colonel Mustard:  A gruff hunter of supernatural monsters.  Vampires, zombies, werewolves...beware! 

6) Lady Peacock: The lady in charge.  Mrs Peacock is a wealthy widow who takes great delight in spending her horrible late-husband's money on lavish parties and beautiful lovers. 

7) Sir Blackwing: It's quite clear to everyone (except Colonel Mustard) that the man is a vampire....but everyone is too polite to say anything. 

8) Priestess Indigo:  A peace-loving, festival going, ultra-spiritual pagan hippie.  

9)  Captain Greysail:  A notorious pirate queen, lover of rum and loose women.  

10)  Madam Magenta:  A glamorous cross-dressing fashion journalist known for her sharp wit and dry sense of humour.

11)  The Cat:  Little is known about this mysterious creature!  They are the cat...they see all, say nothing, and have a way of getting whatever takes their fancy.